Our favorite serving of the moment ...

(Cup)Cake & Thins

Decorate your (cup)cake with our irresistible Belgian Chocolate Thins!

Thin De Luxe

Take a luscious Belgian Chocolate Thin, add some whipped cream and finish with a piece of fresh fruit. Simply irresistible!

Dessert & Thins

Decorate your desserts with our luscious Belgian Chocolate Thins!

Ice cream & Thins

Dress up your ice cream with our luscious Belgian Chocolate Thins!

Sorbet & Thins

Add one of our irresistible Belgian Chocolate Thins to your sorbet!

Indulge yourself or share with friends. Every moment of the day. All year round!

Belgian Chocolate Thins can be enjoyed all year round. Our products have a shelf life of minimum 12 months although they will never be on the shelf that long! Of course our Belgian Chocolate Thins are irresistible by themselves … but here you can find some ideas to enjoy them even more frequently!