About Royal Chocolates

Royal Chocolates is an established manufacturer of high quality Belgian Chocolates. Its unique Belgian Chocolate Thins are a tribute to the rich heritage of Belgian chocolate that people around the world enjoy every day. Royal Chocolates was founded in 1993 by Jan and Kris Van Dyck. Their vision was and still is to bring high quality Belgian chocolate products to market at an affordable price so everybody can enjoy them - all year round. During the first years, a variety of seasonal and year-round chocolate products was launched and the company experienced healthy, year-on-year growth.

Chocolate chips

The concept of chocolate 'chips' materialised at the beginning of the new millenium. A unique, patented and - by now - fully automated production process was developed and implemented.

Export to 80+ countries worldwide

The output capabilities are mind-blowing: 5200 individual chocolate thins per minute! Or a yearly capacity of 7700 tonnes. The product was an immediate success and still is today! The combination of a universally recognizable shape, tasty, high quality Belgian chocolate and an affordable retail price made the product an instant and lasting success. Currently, Royal Chocolates exports already to over 80 countries worldwide and as such provides millions of people around the globe with the pleasure of high qualtiy Belgian chocolate.

Embrace our Belgian Chocolate

Early 2010, the company set up a local office in Alpharetta, Georgia (USA) to serve and develop the US market. We are convinced that more consumers are ready to embrace our Belgian Chocolate Thins and enjoy their great taste!

Food Safety Certifications

At Royal Chocolates food safety is taken extremely serious. All possible measures are in place to ensure consumers can just enjoy the products.

Independent audits take place each year to make sure the highest possible safety standards are met. The respective cerftificates are available upon request.